How long is a piece of string? Ok, that is a poor estimate. To speak some dollars, the cost of an inground swimming pool in Brisbane could be anywhere between $40,000 and $80,000. Yes, pools don’t come cheap. Think about all the fun though, the long summer school holidays are practically covered. Priceless.

However, like with any other ‘fun’ building scenarios, you need to closely look at some cost-value assessment.

Does a New Pool Add Value to my Property?

Let’s dive straight into the million dollar question. To answer it with a famous quote from Homer Simpson “D’oh”. To be fair though, the value of an added inground pool does does come down to a number of factors. As we went through it in our Pool Installation in Brisbane blog, an above ground pool will do nothing to push your property up the ladder.

Does a New Pool Add Value to my Property?

However, if you consider your new inground pool construction as a carefully thought-out investment, the odds are definitely in your favour. According to HouseLogic, a pool can lift your home’s value by up to 7%. Sounds great.

Even so, apart from your giant, sparkly water bowl, it also depends on the overall condition of your home, your location, and the whim of the potential buyers. To truly get an idea of an inground pool’s value, you could also assess the sale price of properties in your area that come with pools compared to those that don’t. Do your homework. And, honestly, that is our answer.

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Ok, So How Much Will It Cost?

Of course, the cost of an inground swimming pool in Brisbane is also down to a variety of factors. Let’s have a looksie.

1. Size Does Matter

The length and width of your pool will obviously have a big impact on your overall costs, from the amount of soil to be excavated and removed, right through to the finished interior of your newest sparkly toy.

Check with your pool builder about engineering requirements, so you won’t wash your hard-earned money down the drain.

2. Consider the Pool Site Levels

Living on a hill may come with a great view but also a financial headache if you want your inground pool built on a slope (pool builders are not magicians). Engineering a flat surface will definitely add to the cost of building a swimming pool on those spectacular Brisbane hills.

Consider the Pool Site Levels

3. Access to the Building Site

While we’re on the topic of digging, you need to consider heavy machinery. Think more excavators and bobcats and less shovels. Those big babies have to get to your pool site and the harder it is for the builders to access the area the more they’re going to charge.

4. Fencing and Boundary Fencing

This is non-negotiable. According to State Pool Safety Regulations you better get your fencing in order to avoid hefty fines and public stoning. Ok, maybe the latter is a bit harsh, but consider what could happen… then get that bloody fence right up, no matter the cost.

Fencing and Boundary Fencing

5. Pool Electricity and Plumbing

How far will the electricity and plumbing need to be brought in? Filtration units are normally placed on their dedicated power feed from the switch box. The distance will certainly influence the cost of building a swimming pool.

Underground services such as stormwater/sewer need to be taken into account (both Council and Private). Be aware, Brisbane City Council requires the backwash run to stormwater, where most other Councils require it to be run to sewer.

6. All the Interior Stuff

Remember the musical fountain? The tiling, pebbles and the paving? Aesthetics don’t come cheap, and you will have to look at it every day, so choose wisely.

All the Interior Stuff

7. Extras

Oh yes, we must not forget about the accessories. Things such as heat pumps or solar heating, pool covers and rollers are a great addition to keep your pool in tiptop condition all year around. Would you like a spa with that? Of course you would, but don’t be surprised when you get presented with a hefty little number at invoice-time.

How Expensive is Pool Upkeep?

Now that we discussed the myriad details of the cost of building a swimming pool in Brisbane, let’s move onto the maintenance.

If you’re a lover of DIY, you can save a lot of money on maintenance after the initial costs of getting all required equipment.

However, for issues like leakage, broken pumps, or murky water, it is advisable to hire a pool cleaning service professional. Professionals simply have the required tools and experience to solve any issues efficiently. In case you’re wondering, that’s us.

The average pool will cost you somewhere between $65 and $165 per month to maintain, depending on the size of your pool.

You also have to consider the costs of running the filter pump daily, heating the water (unless you love a nice icy bath), cleaning/chlorination, and general maintenance.

The emphasis is on regular maintenance. Keeping on top of your pool maintenance can prevent serious problems developing that will take a lot of money to fix down the line.

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To Sum it Up

There you have it, guys. There is a lot to consider when it comes to inground pool installation and maintenance. To make it as easy and cost-efficient as possible, get in the professionals (again, that’s us), so you can enjoy your expensive sparkly water bowl all year around.